Testing & Consultancy Services

DB Testing and Consultancy Services aims at working professionally and independently towards providing acoustical and noise solutions for the clients.

Industrial Noise Control

Controlling the noise pollution from industries is mainly about the environment and its affects in work place, the main concern being the well-being of Workers in these sites. In the light of many industries having to shut on the issue of workers losing hearing ability over time, this has been made mandatory for all industries. The protection for hearing should be done in such a way that the communication and respective sound alarms for the workers is no way affected.

Architectural acoustics

This is about the sound and its behaviour inside a closed space. The aim is to set the acoustical environment in such a way the space can be utilized to the core for the intended purpose. This can be for music, speech and so on. The basic room acoustic analysis basically involves reverberation time evaluation, considering expected noise levels and looking for initial reflections which can be good or bad.

Audio and Video Design

Our firm assists in making proper audio and video studios to utilize the sound in its best equality for recording. The suggestions are based on the in depth research on recording and different sound manipulation possibilities for the particular applications which when coupled with techniques and latest acoustic technologies helps in bringing the best out of these studios.

Sound Insulation Investigations

Lack of proper sound insulation performances across spaces which will eventually end up being a disturbance affecting people's life. The strategy involves a primary site inspection for sound insulation check to assess the already existing insulation properties of the space. A customized solution for the issue would be proposed based on acoustic material quality and Client’s budget and priorities. A final result with considerable difference in sound insulation would be given at the end.

Noise Surveys

A Manual vibrational survey is based on direct assessment of the source which in turn helps in a more detailed understanding of the issues enabling for a more customized approach to the issue. Automated survey will deploy vibration monitor devices whose results can be either taken at the end of a day or even be transferred instantly in real-time enabling a more dynamic assessment.

Acoustics for Planning

The motto here is provide acoustical consultancy services at each stage for a smooth and swift completion of the project without encountering much delays. The services ranges from pre application meetings with clients or planning authority to representation as expert witness. The motto here is provide acoustical consultancy services at each stage for a smooth and swift completion of the project without encountering much delays.

Noise and Vibration Assessments

This is mandatory for a local authority to make sure that noise emissions will not be disturbing or cause nuisance to nearest receivers. The noise can be from a fixed plant, indoor or outdoor operation. For Fixed plant installations, noise impact assessment is basically carried out based on the noise emission data from plant's manufacturer. A Noise assessment report is prepared based on all the necessary calculations.

Noise Mapping

By using a noise modeling software a noise contour map can be generated for scenarios ranging from a standard noise assessment to generation of a distributed noise map for planning to even a noise map for global assessment and prediction of a noise exposure of a particular space.

Noise at Work Assessment

This is a sensitive issue in which a number of factors are to be taken into account, the first and foremost of them being health welfare of employees. Workers who are supposed to work in increased noise levels especially in Industries are will be affected by this assessment. Steps here are straightforward where initial steps involves getting an idea of nature of work followed by visiting the space under consideration.

Pre-construction Noise

This involves assessing the whole site with respect to the standard planning authority requirements. Because of this a Noise survey which will include an investigation into all possible noise sources (road, air, rail traffic or a combination of these) is inevitable in this process. Although the monitoring is done for a day, it can be extended if the situation demands it for a better statistical evaluation of the noise around the space under investigation.

Construction Management Plans

Providing proper assistance to construction management taking into account various noise and vibration monitoring info in accordance with standard noise regulations of the place. An initial assessment to understand each phase of the project and the operations involving in each steps such as duration of work, equipment being used etc. is carried out.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness can be either appointed by parties or from the firm itself as a single expert. This mainly involves providing advice and representing clients in scenarios such as planning hearings and appeals, enquiries, cases related to Noise induced hearing loss and so on.